Berlusconi the Musical @ Southwark Playhouse

Running until April 2023. Running with:
– d&b Y Series, V Series, E Series
– EM Acoustics R8, EMS61, EMS51
– Shure UHF-R/DPA 4061
– Digico SD10
– Universal Audio UAD2
– HME Wireless System
– Roland M48
Sound Design: Dan Samson
Lead Prod: Will Thompson
Hire: Stage Sound Services

Death Drop UK Tour

On tour until March 2023. Touring with:
– EM Acoustics R8
– Shure UHF-R/DPA 4061
– Yamaha QL5
– Green Go Wireless
– Custom In-House Comms/Cue Light Panels
– Allen & Heath AHM-64
Sound Design: Beth Duke
Lead Prod: Will Thompson
Hire: Show Works Ltd

In The Nigh Garden UK Tour

Touring with:
– EM Acoustics 159, 122, 121, 81s
– Yamaha QL1
– Yamaha DME System Processor
Sound Design: Rich Walsh
Hire: Stage Sound Services

Animal Farm UK Tour

On tour until May 2022. Touring with:
– d&b Soundscape: Y10p/7p, B22, DS10, DS100, D20
– EM Acoustics 121,81s
– Sennheiser SK-6212/DPA 4061
– Yamaha CL5
– RTS wired/HME wireless
Sound Design: Tom Gibbons
Lead Prod: Andrew Joseph
Hire: Stage Sound Services

Rob Brydon UK Tour

On tour until July 2022. Touring with:
– EM Acoustics Halo C, EMS-159, EMS-122, EMS-61
– Sennheiser SKM300
– Digico SD9 and D Rack
– Allen & Heath ME-1
Sound Design: Oscar Thompson
Lead PSE: Will Thompson
Hire: Show Works Ltd